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MD5008 underground metal detector

MD5008 underground metal detectors in the TC, TM on the basis of another new exploration boutique. MD5008 MD5008 selection of quality components, it has a wide degree of detection, positioning accuracy, distinguish between strong, simple, the appearance of new features. simple, the appearance of new features. 。 Underground metal detector is used mainly to detect and identify hidden in the ground of the metal.  In addition to its military applications, but also can be widely applied:
● security checks criminal police departments rapid search;
● testing of raw materials, fuel, food in metal foreign body;
● check mail, baggage and parcel of the metal objects;
● exploration of underground pipes, cables; 
● archaeology, prospecting; 
● found buried in the ground hidden treasures of gold, silver and metal objects. 

Main features:

● a balance between the lines, to eliminate "mineralization response" to the effect of greatly increasing the effective detection of the depth and accuracy: 
● a difference between black metal and non-ferrous metals function;
● operating system using the smart use of high-intensity ABC packaging materials, light weight, long life
● can be identified through headphones sound of metal products parameters:
● maximum depth of exploration: small capitalization 1.5 meters, 3.5 meters market signal frequency: 7 KHz
● audio frequency: 400 Hz current work: 12 DCV "AA" (alkaline) 8X1.5V
● power consumption: 0.6 W Weight: 3.2 Kg
This product using voice alarm and instrumentation, with the probing depth exploration of metal the size, shape, weight, have great relations, in general, the greater area, the more, the corresponding detection greater depth the contrary, The smaller the area, the fewer the number, the smaller the corresponding depth.  The following table lists the most probing depth, the enterprise is based on standard products with a 60 cm * 60 cm by 0.5 cm * Aluminium buried in the dry soil of the measured results.

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