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JN800 series metal detector gate
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JN800E digital metal detector gate
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JN800E LED display digital metal detector gate detect the use of advanced digital technology, specifically those who used to hide the metal and alloy products to prevent detection.  Safe and applicability, high sensitivity, wide range of detection. Anti-interference in order to use the magnetic field damping technology, anti-interference capability and intelligence service to 24 hours, the metal detector gate to sound and light alarm at the same time, and tone can be adjusted in terms of quality, effectiveness, technical parameters on both reached world leading level .  Metal detector gate can adjust the sensitivity, the maximum can detect metal clips of the size, and can be distinguished by the Tibetan areas of metal, users can detect metal in accordance with the size, size, weight, etc. set up to rule out the possibility of coins, keys, jewelry, belt Wu Baojing deduction, and so on.  The need to prevent the loss of precious metal objects places, such as industrial and mining enterprises, banks, private places such as luxury flats and the need to prevent the carrying of dangerous metal objects places such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls and other places, the installation JN800E digital metal detector gate will be To give you reliable, nice, practical sense.

 JN800E metal detector gate technical parameters:


AC85V ~ 264V or AC 220V ± 20%



Appearance Size:

2225mm (high) X860mm (W) X670mm (D)

Channel Size:

2000mm (high) X700mm (W) X600mm (D)


约75kg About 75 kg

The working environment:

-10 ℃ - +45 ℃

Meet standards:


Metal detector gate performance and features:


Selection of digital high-brightness LED display panel, operating profit more work.

2 detecting head:

6 overlapping detection regional division, separatism metal goods distribution, multi-location alarm at the same time, accurately determine the location of metal objects.

Regional police instructions:

LED lights show through the panel, directly show a high degree of the corresponding parts of the body metal objects and accurately report showed that area.

Sound and light warning:

Adjustable volume and tone, the alarm sound high, low, with three options to meet at different times on different occasions and use.

Regional sensitivity adjustable:

The maximum sensitivity can detect the size of metal paper clips.  Can be adjusted between 0-99 sensitivity, pre-set metal objects weight, size, size, location, removal of coins, keys, jewelry, belts, such as withholding Wu Baojing.

Strong anti-interference:

Use of digital, analog and about balance, and the magnetic field of outside interference damping technology, to prevent Wu Baojing, omissions, greatly enhanced anti-jamming ability.

Password protection:

Password-protected, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, even more security.

Two-way operation:

Through ultra-thin handheld remote control in the operation panel on the metal detector gate operation.

Counting statistics functions:

Intelligent traffic and police counter that statisticians by volume and the number of alarm

Harmless to the human body:

On the human body at the heart of pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disk, tape, and so harmless.

Power Security:

power placed in host boxes and may be passed on整机remote power control, in order to prevent misuse, the power of open, the Commissioner has delayed 3-4 seconds start and stop functions.


The JN800E metal detector gate, opened by the eight-components, the metal detector gate is divided into three parts: the left and right detection door and the main chassis, the structure of a column of light PVC, ABS-plastic and iron box - - A combination of demolition.  A waterproof, fire prevention, rust-proof, anti-corrosion of seismic higher.

Ease of installation:

JN800 series metal detector gate is the integration of design, just 10 minutes to install or demolition End, with a random installation of operating manuals.

The use of premises:

Can be used in factories, prisons, courts, exhibition hall, a gymnasium, entertainment venues and other prohibited items the security check.

Security door and meet the certification standards:


On the wearing pacemakers or other support systems, pregnant women and the magnetic media floppy disk, tape, video tapes and other sound


The FAA "3 - guns - Test standards and NILECJ-0601-00 all the safety standards


Electronic security and compliance with the relevant international standards for electromagnetic compatibility EMC and EC rules


Interference with radio radiation EN55011, FCC and VDE0875 standards


Products with "GB15210-2003"

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