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JN800 series metal detector gate
Hand-held metal detectors
Underground metal detector

Probe into Shanghai Shanghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. located in Jiading District of Shanghai Nanxiang High-tech Park. Company Sets scientific research and development, design and manufacturing, and marketing services as one of the metal detector gate manufacturers. The company has experienced high-technology electronic and mechanical engineers and the professionalism of a group of young backbone of professional services in product development, production, the various online services. After sustained efforts, the industry has developed into the most strength of the metal detector gate providers. The company implemented a high starting point, high input, high-quality technology development strategy, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality standard system requirements, from product development design, manufacturing sales and after-sale service to the entire process has set up a strict quality management and assurance System, created a "JN" brand.
The company's main products for: JN800A-I、A-II、A-III、JN800B、JN800C、JN800E series metal detector gate. In the company of "quality first, users first" aim, aim at the foreign leader, to build China's metal detector gate boutique.

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                                                      CE certificate

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                                                     ISO certificate

Shanghai Exploration Mission::

 Information is the bond market
 Product is the basis of efficiency
 The service is based on survival
 Operating system is the guarantee
 Culture is the soul of team
 Employees are intangible assets
 Effectiveness is the life
 Brand is the centuries-old monument

Shanghai exploration of ideas:

     "Pragmatic efficient" - and do practical things, and efficient!

     "Professional focus" - focus on the cause of brand services, to clients in good faith to provide professional advice, design planning services!

     "Common beyond" - our customers and portability times, common beyond!

     "If a word" - a good reputation is our survival, development!

Probe into Shanghai's advantages:

       One advantage: We Fenghuazhengmao is home to venture that never satisfied when the enterprising spirit, will make unremitting efforts to stage more And make sincere quality and professionalism of the business, providing high-quality services.

       Two advantages: We have creative team members have different educational backgrounds and creative experience, type of service in various industries Customers, is rich in all major clients in operational experience.

       Three advantages: We have a solid and clear brand strategy and Silv, through strategies designed to help enterprises and brand building, Take part in the competition and create efficiency.

       Four advantages: we have both the Chinese culture, the Chinese market and Chinese consumers in-depth understanding and experience, with The international context, the international culture, the international market of information resources with the full knowledge and grasp.Success For Chinese enterprises out of the international, the creation of the real advantages of international brands to provide services.

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